Specimen Required
Patient preparation: Patients should be encouraged to discontinue nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, and non-essential over-the-counter medications. High concentrations of iodine may interfere with elemental testing. Collection from patients receiving iodinated or gadolmium-based contrast media must be avoided for a minimum of 72 hours post-exposure. Collection from patients with impaired kidney function should be avoided for a minimum of 14 days post contrast media exposure.
Collect 24 hour urine, refrigerate during collection. Mix well, and send 8.0 mL urine (1.0 mL minimum) refrigerated in a blue-capped ARUP metal-free screw-capped plastic vial. Please contact laboratory for metal-free screw-capped plastic vials. Specimens in other containers will be rejected.

Alternate Specimen
Random urine

Rejection Criteria
Acid preserved urine, urine collected within 72 hours of gadolinium or iodinated contrast media.

Quantitative Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometry

Room temperature: 7 days; Refrigerated: 14 days; Frozen: 1 year

Reference Range
Components:   Reference Interval  
Cobalt, urine - per volume:   0.0-1.2 µg/L  
Cobalt, urine - per 24 h:   0.0-4.4 µg/d  
Creatinine, 24 - hour urine:
   Age   Male   Female  
   3-8 years   140-700 mg/d   140-700 mg/d  
   9-12 years   300-1300 mg/d   300-1300 mg/d  
   13-17 years   500-2300 mg/d   400-1600 mg/d  
   18-50 years   1000-2500 mg/d   700-1600 mg/d  
   51-80 years   800-2100 mg/d   500-1400 mg/d  
   81 years and older   600-2000 mg/d   400-1300 mg/d  
Cobalt, urine - ratio to CRT:   0.0-4.2 µg/g crt  

Wednesday, Saturday

Turnaround Time3-7 days
Test CodeUCOB
CPT-4 Code (s)
Component Chart Name:   LOINC code  
Creatinine, urine - per volume   2161-8  
Creatinine, urine - per 24 h:   2162-6  
Cobalt, urine - per volume:   21208-4  
Cobalt, urine - per 24th:   29916-4  
Cobalt, urine - ratio to CRT:   29934-7  
Total volume:   19153-6  
Hours collected:   30211-7