Includes Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine (as Benzoylecgonine), Ethanol, Opiates, Phencyclidine, Cannabis (THC)
CD08A: Screen only. If confirmation of initial test positive is desired, notify laboratory within 14 days.
CD08C: Reflexed to a GCMS confirmation for positive results.
FT08C: Forensic drug screen. Must be accompanied by appropriate chain of custody. Reflexed to a GCMS confirmation for positive results. Positive samples store one year.

Specimen Required
Collect random urine.
Forensic: Send 50.0 mL urine (30.0 mL minimum) refrigerated in a screw-capped plastic urine container.
Clinical: Send 30.0 mL urine (15.0 mL minimum) refrigerated in a screw-capped plastic urine container.
Pediatric: Newborn minimum requires 1.0 mL urine for the initial test and 0.5-5.0 mL for positive confirmations.

Rejection Criteria
Urine catheter cup (with needle)

Enzyme Immunoassay/Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry

Room Temperature: 48 hours; Refrigerated: 14 days; Frozen: 1 year

Reference Range
See Appendices


Turnaround Time3 days
Test CodeCD08A, CD08C, FT08C
CPT-4 Code (s)
CD08A: 80307
CD08C: 80307 [plus others if confirmed at additional cost]
FT08C:   80307 [Plus others if confirmed at additional cost]  
Amphetamine screen   3349-8  
Confirm for Amphetamine   16234-7  
Confirm for Methamphetamine   16235-4  
Confirm for MDA   20545-0  
Confirm for MDMA   18358-2  
Confirm for MDEA   45143-5  
Barbiturate Screen   3377-9  
Confirm for Amobarbital   16239-6  
Confirm to Butabarbital   16236-2  
Confirm to Butalbital   16237-0  
Confirm for Pentobarbital   16240-4  
Confirm for Phenobarbital   162141-2  
Confirm for Secobarbital   16238-8  
Benzodiazepine screen   3390-2  
Confirm for Alprazolam   59615-5  
Confirm for Clonazepam   16229-7  
Confirm for Flurazepam   16231-3  
Confirm for Lorazepam   17088-6  
Confirm for Nordiazepam   16228-9  
Confirm for Oxazepam   16201-6  
Confirm for Temazepam   20559-1  
Cocaine screen   3393-6  
Confirm for Cocaine   16226-3  
Ethanol screen   5644-0  
Confirm for Ethanol   34180-0  
Opiate screen   3879-4  
Confirm for Morphine   16251-1  
Confirm for Codeine   16250-3  
Confirm for Hydrocodone   16252-9  
Confirm for Hydromorphone   16998-7  
Confirm for Oxycodone   16249-5  
Confirm for Oxymorphone   17395-5  
Phencyclidine screen   3936-2  
Confirm for Phencyclidine   3937-0  
Cannabis (THC) screen   3427-2  
Confirm for THC   20521-1  
THC/CR   13478-3  
Creatinine   2161-8  
Adulterant   58715-4  
See below   Not available