Specimen Required
Draw blood in a SST. Centrifuge, separate and send 2.0 mL serum (1.0 mL minimum) refrigerated in a screw-capped plastic vial. Patient should be fasting 8-12 hours prior to collection.
If a cholesterol measurement is to be performed along with triglycerides, but not part of lipid panel, then the patient should be fasting 9-12 hours prior to collection. If the cholesterol is ordered as part of a lipid panel, then a fasting sample is not required. Triglyceride test only: Patient should fast 9-12 hours prior to collection. As part of lipid panel testing: A fasting sample is not required. The assay manufacturer Beckman Coulter advises: "N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), when administered in therapeutic concentrations (for the treatment of acetaminophen overdose), has been determined to interfere with assays for cholesterol, uric acid" where "NAC interference may lead to falsely low results." According to Beckman Coulter, the NAC interference should be insignificant by 12 hours after completion of the initial loading dose of an IV infusion treatment regimen consisting of an initial loading dose of 150 mg/kg administered over 1 hr, a second dose of 50 mg/kg administered over 4 hrs and a third dose of 100 mg/kg administered over 16 hrs.

Alternate Specimen
Serum: Red-top
Plasma: Lavender EDTA

Agarose Gel Electrophoresis

Room Temperature: 24 hours; Refrigerated: 7 days; Frozen: 14 days

Reference Range
By report

Sunday, Wednesday

Turnaround Time7-10 days
Test CodeLIPE
CPT-4 Code (s)
82465, 83700, 84478
Cholesterol, Total   2093-3  
Triglycerides   2571-8  
Chylomicrons   2121-2  
Beta Lipoprotein   15122-5  
Pre-beta Lipoprotein   15123-3  
Alpha Lipoprotein   15121-7  
Serum, Appearance   11158-3  
Interpretation   8251-1