Test Documentation
Specimen Required
Whole blood and plasma are required. Whole blood: Draw blood in a yellow ACD and send 6.0 mL whole blood (3.0 mL minimum) room temperature. Plasma: draw blood in 3-4 light blue 3.2% sodium citrate tubes. See appendices for coagulation test collection instructions. Send 6.0 mL plasma (5.0 mL minimum) frozen in 1.0 mL aliquots in 6 plastic screw-capped vials.

Alternate Specimen
Whole blood: EDTA or 3.2% sodium citrate

Rejection Criteria
Gross hemolysis, lipemia or icteria

Multiple methods used

Plasma: Room Temperature: Unacceptable; Refrigerated: Unacceptable; Frozen: 14 days
Whole blood: Room Temperature: 7 days; Refrigerated: 7 days; Frozen: 7 days

Reference Range
See report


Turnaround Time5-10 days
Test CodeTHRMP
CPT-4 Code (s)
81240 F2 (prothrombin, coagulation factor II) eg, hereditary hypercoagulability) gene analysis, 20210G->A variant; 85300 AT activity: 85303 Protein C activity; 85306 Protein S antigen, free; 85307 Activated protein resistance V; 85366 soluble fibrin monomer; 85379 D-Dimer; 85384 Fibrinogen; 85390 26 Special coagulation interpretation; 85610 PT, 85613 DRVVT; 85670 Thrombin time; 85730 APTT; 81241 F5 (coagulation factor V) eg, hereditary hypercoagulability) gene analysis, Leiden variant (if appropriate); 85210 Factor II (if appropriate); 85220 Factor V (if appropriate); 85230 Factor VII (if appropriate); 85240 Factor VIII (if appropriate; 85250 Factor IX (if appropriate); 85260 Factor X (if appropriate); 85270 Factor XI (if appropriate); 85280 Factor XII (if appropriate); 85301 Antithrombin antigen (if appropriate); 85302 Protein C antigen (if appropriate); 85305 Protein S antigen, total (if appropriate); 85306 Protein S activity (if appropriate); 85335 Bethesda titer (if appropriate); 85335 Factor VIII inhibitor screen (if appropriate); 85420 Plasminogen activity (if appropriate); 85597 Platelet neutralization for lupus inhibitor (if appropriate); 85598 Staclot LA (if appropriate); 85611 PT mix 1:1 (if appropriate); 85613 DRVGT mix (if appropriate); 85613 DRVVT confirmation (if appropriate); 85635 Reptilase time (if appropriate); 85732 APTT mix 1:1 (if appropriate)
Activated Partial Thombopl Time, P   14979-9  
Antithrombin Activity, P   27811-9  
Protein C Activity, P   27818-4  
Fibrinogen, P   3255-7  
Protein S Ag, Free, P   27821-8  
Soluble Fibrin Monomer   40702-3  
Thrombin Time (Bovine), P   46717-5  
APCRV Ratio   13590-5  
Interpretation   69049-5  
Fibrinogen Equivalent Units (FEU)   48065-7  
DRVVT Screen Ratio   15359-3  
Prothrombin Time (PT), P   5902-2  
Prothrombin G20210A Mutation, B   24475-6  
PTNT Interpretation   69049-5  
INR   6301-6  
D-Dimer Units (DDU)   48066-5  
Reviewed by   No LOINC needed  
Interpretation   48591-2  
PTNT reviewed by   No LOINC needed