Testing at Cost

The co-tenancy model was created for a single purpose – to reduce the cost of esoteric testing, while providing excellent quality and service. These not-for-profit hospitals have chosen to become co-tenants, replacing the purchase of reference laboratory services with shared ownership of the laboratory. If testing at cost sounds too good to be true, MCL’s co-tenants will confirm that owning makes better business sense than paying

Smart Math

The more tests performed on the shared laboratory assets, the more money the collective co-tenants save. Each test performed is assigned a relative value unit (RVU). At the end of each quarter, the total number of RVUs performed in the laboratory is divided by the same period’s total costs to arrive at a cost per RVU. Each quarter, the owner/user’s total RVUs are calculated and multiplied by the cost per RVU. The result is that owner/user’s allocated cost of testing.

Stop Paying. Start Owning

Look at the numbers, and decide. You can purchase laboratory services for someone else’s profit or you can own a piece of the laboratory and reflect the savings on your own financials.