Warde Medical Laboratory is a national nonprofit reference laboratory that provides high quality diagnostic testing services since 1985. We are driven to add value to patient care and the health of our communities. We empower providers and patients to improve health through high quality laboratory results in an efficient operational model. We are a CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified facility performing high complexity testing. Our operational model allows us to perform laboratory testing in a cost-effective way, adding value to your laboratory testing cost management strategies. Our team of highly trained laboratory professionals is led by clinical scientists and internationally recognized pathologists.


Frances Warde Medical Laboratory (WML) was established in 1985 by five hospitals of the Eastern Region of the former Sisters of Mercy Health Corporation.  Warde Medical Laboratory was formed to centralize hospital testing and reduce the cost of laboratory testing for these owner hospitals.  Since that time WML has expanded to serve hospitals and laboratories in more than 20 states.  We have expanded over the years to perform testing for our cotenant owners, and for non-cotenant clients. 

Reducing the Cost of Laboratory Testing

Warde was historically established to serve as a central testing facility for the less routine assays that were duplicated in the owner hospitals. This concentration of resources resulted in greater efficiency and leveraged economies of scale and scope. Warde continues to serve this model at the national level by serving as a comprehensive testing needs provider. The initial consolidation of esoteric testing provided a much larger volume, which resulted in reagent savings and efficiency multiplying opportunities. 

Realizing that test volume from additional hospitals could further lower costs, Warde Medical Laboratory offered its esoteric test menu to non-owners and owners alike; complementing, not competing, with the menus of its potential clients. With its centralized location in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Warde returns test results far faster than other commercial laboratories, while providing a level of service and technical expertise that continues to attract and retain its health care provider clients.

Warde Medical Laboratory retains less of the profit so that you, our clients, pay less for quality testing and responsive service.  While our principles benefit your business, you’ll also reap the reward of the relationship Warde has with its non-profit counterpart, Michigan Co-Tenancy Laboratory (MCL).  This dual use of the facility increases the total volume of testing, resulting in lower costs for all of our clients.