Test Details



Ordering Code


CPT-4 Code(s)

87798 x 3

Specimen Information


Nasopharyngeal swab (Dacron or Rayon swabs only)

Specimen Preparation

Specimen source required. Place swab in viral transport media (M4RT).

Alternate Specimen

Nasal aspirate: 1.0 mL in vacuum trap
Nasal wash: 1.0 mL in a screw capped sterile plastic container

Minimum Volume

0.5 mL

Transport Temperature


Rejection Criteria

Specimens in other transport media
Specimens in Regan Lowe media
Specimens in bacteriological blood culture media
Dry swabs, calcium alginate swabs, wooden swabs and swabs in gel transports
Specimens in culturettes
Throat and anterior nasal swabs (due to unacceptably low rates of detection)
Specimen received in non-sterile or leaking containers.


Room temperature: 3 days
Refrigerated: 14 days
Frozen (-20°C): 14 days
Frozen (-70°C): 3 months


This Pertussis Panel utilizes the multi-target detection approach recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (MMWR 2007; 56(33):837). This panel includes real-time PCR testing for the IS481 gene of B. pertussis, the p1S1001 gene from B. parapertussis and the h1S1001 gene from B. holmseii. Reflex testing for the pertussis toxin gene is used as needed to detect dual infections with B. parapertussis and B. holmseii. The analytical sensitivity of this panel is approximately 3 colony forming units/assay.

Reference Range

Not detected

Performing Laboratory

Warde Medical Laboratory