Warde’s New Medical Director: Dr. William G. Finn

2011, Volume 22, Number 2


David F. Keren

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It is my pleasure to introduce you to the new Medical Director of Warde Medical Laboratory, Dr. William G. Finn. Dr. Finn has been on the faculty of the University of Michigan for the past 13 years where he attained the rank of Professor of Pathology. At the University, he served as Director of the Clinical Hematology Laboratory and as Associate Director of Clinical Pathology.

While Warde Medical Laboratory only formally began looking at Dr. Finn as a candidate about 12 months ago, he gained
my attention almost a decade before that. In the late 90s, I worked on several projects with Dr. LoAnn Peterson, Professor of Pathology at Northwestern University. She rarely spoke about her post-doctoral fellows, but about 13 years ago, I remember hercomplaining to me about how the University of Michigan had just recruited one of her finest former fellows. At that time, Dr. Finn was the Director of the Thorson-Goodall Molecular Oncology Laboratory at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Her great praise peaked my curiosity.

I finally got to hear Dr. Finn speak at the Michigan Society of Pathologists meeting in May, 2003. His topic was “The
Pathologist’s Role in the Evaluation of Peripheral Blood abnormalities.” It was a thoughtful and engaging commentary of how to use quality management techniques to run a highthroughput laboratory. After that, I followed his career by listening to the favorable remarks his residents and fellows made about him as they rotated through Warde Medical Laboratory. Their decision was unanimous about his skills in diagnosis, management and interpersonal communication. He was the best. And I agree.

Dr. Finn has won many awards including teaching awards both from the Medical Students and the Pathology Residents at the University of Michigan, a skill I greatly prize and one that is critical to answering the questions he will face as medical director of this facility. In addition to his more than 50 publications in high quality peer-reviewed journals, Dr. Finn co-authored the book “Hematopathology In Oncology” and has chapters in 8 other books. His most recent chapter is in this year’s “Foundations in Diagnostic Pathology: Hematopathology.” His publications are not merely padding to an impressive curriculum vitae. Indeed, in 2009 he won the “Best Original Paper Award” From Clinical Cytometry.

Yet, I believe his greatest skill is in his interpersonal communications and a dedication to quality management. Warde Medical Laboratory’s management is unanimously enthusiastic about Will, and I personally can not think of a finer pathologist to replace me.

Dr. Finn joins our practice on November 7, 2011 and he will become the Medical Director of Warde Medical Laboratory
on January 1, 2012. I hope you will join me in giving him a warm welcome.