Chain of Custody – Specimen Acceptability

Situations justifying NOT testing a drug screen:

(An explanatory remark is reported)

  1. No security seal, or a broken seal.
  2. Quantity not sufficient. If the screen is positive there must be enough left to confirm and to save another aliquot in long term storage for repeating the confirmation.
  3. Absorbance in the cuvette is above the screen analyzer range or severe interference is evident.
  4. There is a defect in the chain of custody. For example, collector signature missing on the request form.

Situations justifying a comment added to the drug screen report:

  1. The security seal was not dated, initialed by the donor and/or not signed by the collector.
  2. The specimen has an abnormal odor or color.
  3. The specimen had an abnormal temperature when collected or temperature not documented.
  4. The specimen delivery was abnormally slow and/or evidence of deterioration was present.
  5. Method of donor ID was not indicated on the request form.
  6. Dates are missing or incomplete on chain of custody form.
  7. Specimen dilute: Urine creatinine <20 mg/dL or specific gravity <1.004.
  8. Evidence that the sample is not urine. For example, the creatinine is zero and the specific gravity is normal.
  9. Evidence that the sample was adulterated.