Kajal Sitwala, MD, PhD

Medical Director


Doctor of Medicine – University of Michigan, 2004

Ph.D (Cellular and Molecular Biology) – University of Michigan, 2004

Residency in Clinical Pathology – University of Michigan, 2007

Fellowship in Hematopathology – University of Michigan, 2008

Prior Experience:

Clinical Lecturer: University of Michigan Department of Pathology (2008-2009)

Clinical Pathologist: Marshfield Clinic Health System (2009-2022)

CLIA Medical Director: Multiple hospitals and clinics in Wisconsin (2011-2022)


American Board of Pathology: Board Certified in Clinical Pathology and Hematopathology (2008)

Fellow, American Society for Clinical Pathology (admitted 2010)

Center for Excellence in Education/USA Biology Olympiad – Test question author

Certificate of Qualification: New York State Department of Health

-Laboratory Director, various categories           


University of Michigan Medical School:

-Dean’s Commendation for Excellence in Clinical Skills and the Art of Medicine

-AMWA Glasgow-Rubin Achievement Citation

-Academic Recognition Award (top 5 in graduating class)

University of Michigan Department of Pathology:

-2005 Outstanding Resident in Clinical Pathology

Wisconsin Health Occupations Students of America:

-2019 Outstanding Health Professional Leader


Hematopathology and Laboratory Hematology, including Flow Cytometry

Clinical Pathology, including Laboratory Administration and Utilization Management

Research Interests:

Hematolymphoid malignancies, Laboratory resource stewardship, Biology education

Recent Publications:

Sitwala KV, Dandekar MN, Hess JL. Hox Proteins and Leukemia. 2008. IJCEP 1:461-74.

Oravecz-Wilson KI, Philips ST, Yilmaz OH, Ames HM, Li L, Crawford BD, Gauvin AM, Lucas PC, Sitwala K, Downing JR, Morrison SJ, Ross TS. Persistence of leukemia-initiating cells in a conditional knockin model of an imatinib-responsive myeloproliferative disorder. Cancer Cell. 2009. 16:137-48.

Muntean AG, Tan J, Sitwala K, Huang Y, Bronstein J, Connelly JA, Basrur V, Elenitoba-Johnson KS, Hess JL. The PAF complex synergizes with MLL fusion proteins at HOX loci to promote leukemogenesis. Cancer Cell. 2010. 17:609-21.

Huang Y, Sitwala K, Bronstein J, Sanders D, Dandekar M, Collins C, Robertson G, MacDonald J, Cezard T, Bilenky M, Thiessen N, Zhao Y, Zeng T, Hirst M, Hero A, Jones S, Hess JL. Identification and characterization of Hoxa9 binding sites in hematopoietic cells. Blood. 2012. 119:388-98.

Rafiullah, Islam R, Mahmood R, Sitwala KV. Gelatinous bone marrow transformation secondary to unusual eating habits and drastic weight loss. BMJ Case Rep. 2013. 7/16.

Yachoui R, Kristianto J, Sitwala K, Blank RD. Role of Endothelin-1 in a syndrome of myelofibrosis and osteosclerosis. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2015. 100:3971-4.

Yachoui R, Leon C, Sitwala K, Kreidy M. Pulmonary MALT lymphoma in patients with Sjogren’s Syndrome. Clin Med Res. 2017. 15:6-12.

Geiger AJ, Yasar DG, Sitwala KV. HLH and TET2 Mutation Presenting after First Cycle of CLL treatment. In submission.